Suspension repair Escondido residents and more come to Mechanic Mikes for the quality of service and dependability of our auto repair shop. Suspension repair can include replacement of shocks and struts, replacement of strut bushings and repair of strut linkage and the general service and lubrication of suspension parts. Damage to your suspension system can come from repeated journeys on very bumpy roads, off camber turns and everyday wear and tear.

But how do you know when your car requires suspension repair? If your car shakes while driving or if your car is bottoming out or bouncing unusually high on bumps while driving through Escondido then you should bring in your car for suspension repair. Another thing to look at is to see if your tires or wearing unevenly. This could be a sign that your car requires suspension repair.

Suspension RepairThe replacement or repair of shocks and struts can be time consuming and costly if performed by a shop that has little experience with shocks and struts. We have over 8 years of suspension repair experience, brake repair, oil change, and more in the Escondido and surrounding area.

Vista’s finest suspension repair shop is Mechanic Mikes Automotive. Our expert ASE certified mechanics are experts in all types of auto maintenance revolving around your shocks and struts.

For the best in auto maintenance and suspension repair call Mechanic Mikes Automotive today.

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