Smog Check Escondido When it’s time for their smog check, Escondido residents choose Mechanic Mike’s Automotive. The state of California requires the test every so often, so this is one of those things you can’t put off. If you do need to come in for smog repair, why not combine your visit to include your regular scheduled maintenance? We’re a family-owned auto repair shop that respects your time and patronage, so we’ll make sure you’re done quickly and that the work is solid. We’re also a STAR Certified Smog Check Station.

Many people bring their car into the dealership because it’s what they’ve been told to do, but dealership prices can get real high real fast. For something like a standard smog check, you should really have an Escondido garage that you feel comfortable going to for all your other work, and that won’t charge you an arm and a leg for the same service. If it turns out your car doesn’t pass because you need a smog repair, you can rely on us to get you the right parts and get your car smog-ready. While you’re here, have our ASE Certified technicians perform any other work that needs to be done. We’re one of the best place for a smog check, auto maintenance, brake repair and more in Escondido, and we promise to make your experience worth it.

Our customers are never just a means to a paycheck. You’re our neighbors, and many of you are our friends. When you come to us, you should expect greatness, and we’ll deliver. The next time you’re due for a smog check, please call us at our Escondido shop and come on down.

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