Air Conditioning Service EscondidoAir conditioning service Escondido drivers come to for dependable temperature control in their vehicle. It can get very hot in Escondido and when your air conditioning in your car goes out, it can be extremely uncomfortable to be without it for even one day.

That’s why Mechanic Mikes Automotive will make it their priority to perform your air conditioning service in Escondido as quickly and efficiently as possible. When your bring your car to us for your air conditioning service you’ll know that your air conditioning unit in your car will work well and keep you cool even on the hottest day.

In addition to hot summers, even here in Escondido we’ll occasionally get cold winter mornings. It can be very inconvenient driving to work in your car on a frigid morning with no heater to warm you up. That’s a good way to start off a bad day. Fortunately Mechanic Mikes Automotive doesn’t just specialize in air conditioning service. We are also experts in auto heater repair.

We don’t just offer air conditioning service and auto heater repair. Our experience extends to but is not limited to the following services: Oil change, clutch repair, engine repair, brake repair, suspension repair and general auto maintenance.

So for the best in auto heater repair, general maintenance services and air conditioning service, contact the best Escondido auto repair shop, Mechanic Mikes Automotive.